Protective Sun Lotion

Active Ingredients:  Physiological emulsion with Squalane, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Bolus alba, Kieselerde, Calcium d Panthetonate, Beta-Carotin, Vitamin E and C.

Range of Application:

Rosel Heim Nature & Science Sun is used as a natural protection from UV-rays in situations when it is impossible to slowly adapt to sun exposure.

Mode of Action:

Rosel Heim Nature & Science Sun prevents the negative effects of the sun’s rays with various protective mechanisms:

Reflection:  titanium dioxide, siliceous earth and zinc oxide generate a protection against the sun by reflecting the whole spectrum of rays.  The amount of protection depends on the thickness of cream applied.  When applying two or three layers of cream, which can make the skin appear white, the reflecting protection acts as a sun block.  Calcium-d-pantothenate promotes the skin’s adaptation of sunrays in the horn layer, where it absorbs rays.

Interception of free radicals:  aloe succus, beta carotene and vitamins E and C catch free radials and thereby prevent damage of the skin from UVA-rays.  At the same time, the inverse emulsion keeps the skin moist, smooth and supple.

Directions of Use:

The amount of Rosel Heim Nature & Science Sun used and the frequency of applications should be determined by a specialist in Rosel Heim Nature & Science products, considering the actual state of the skin and the expected amount of sun it will be exposed to.  When the intensity of the sun changes quickly; for instance when traveling to a sunnier region it is recommended that the skin be protected additionally by wearing suitable clothing for the first few days.


People known to be allergic to Calcium-d-pantothenate and Beta-carotene should not use this product.


Rosel Heim Nature & Science Sun is a two-phase product and needs to be shaken well before use.

To prevent unwanted stains, avoid contact between clothing and Rosel Heim Nature & Science Sun.