Corneo lipid


Active Ingredients:  W/O emulsion of Squalane, Zelloxan, Hyuloronic Acid, and

skin identical horn layer lipid.

Range of Application:

Corneo Lipid is used on thin skin or skin that has a defective horn layer.

The causes of thin skin or skin with a defective horn layer can come from age (with innate thin skin), infections of the skin (dermatitis, psoriasis) or skin that has too much use of soap, fruit acids, vitamin A, etc.  And also the occurring side effect from prescribed cortisone.

In all these cases comes an incorrect or absent composition of the horn layer resulting in an insufficient binding of the cells of the horn layer and thus a disturbance of the barrier function of the skin.

Mode of Action:

Corneo Lipid replaces missing lipids in the skin.  It enables the repair of the disturbed lipid barriers and the structure of the horn layer of the skin.

Since Corneo Lipid effectively improves thinner skin around the eyes, it is well suited as an eye cream.

Directions of Use:

Corneo Lipid is applied to damp skin after cleansing with Phase I and before applying Phase 3 Daycream.

Corneo Lipid should be used regularly as a treatment for an extended period of time. An expert on Rosel Heim cosmetics should determine the quantity and duration of action after an analysis of the individual and current state of the skin.

Side Effects:  No known side effects.

Note: We recommend storing Corneo Lipid in a cool place.