Our Production


Rosel Heim nature + science is produced with special attention to the latest scientific findings about the skins own bacteria. A flora of bacteria lives in natural symbiosis with our skin. It is responsible for the well-regulated destruction and re-construction of the horn layer while being part of the skins natural protective mechanisms. Destroying this flora allows foreign germs to become established.

The use of preservatives in conventional skin care products makes a product last longer but destroys the skins own bacteria. This aggressive preservation of skin care products is one of the main causes of today’s skin problems.

Therefore Rosel Heim nature + science preserves products in a natural way. As a first step in reducing the need for preservatives, our production takes place in highly sterile environment. Rosel Heim nature + science employs natural fragrances that inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. For this reason, the functionalities and defense mechanisms of our skins own bacterial flora remains undisturbed.  To further limit the use of preservatives, Rosel Heim nature + science manufactures a small amount of units several times a year.

In accordance to European law, our unopened products are guaranteed to last for three years. Raw materials from Rosel Heim nature + science products follow strict quality and purity guidelines. Through due diligence and careful analysis, we ensure that our raw materials are free of pesticides and heavy metals.  Every raw material is tested for microbiological purity and is acquired on an ecological and ethical basis. We ensure that the materials are extracted in an environmentally friendly manner and have not been tested on animals. As scientific knowledge grows, our suppliers are constantly subjected to updated standards. Production and packaging are done in sterile environments. Before the final sale, every product is individually inspected for quality and purity.  This process ensures optimum quality and security for our customers.

The third generation of the Heim family is responsible for the research, developing and marketing.  Rosemarie Heim-Schueler, Nana Heim PhD. Phil. Nat., Frederique Heim M.D., Dominic Schueler MA.

Rosel Heim nature + science Canada celebrates the level of quality and long-term success of Rosel Heim nature + science in Germany.  We are confident in our ability to successfully translate Rosel Heim’s philosophy and ensure high quality skin care for our customers.