Active Ingredients:  Inverse emulsion, Zelloxan.

Range of Application:

We recommend the use of Ante in all events of acute skin stress and when a stressful situation is expected.  It is also recommended that Ante be used when the skin is malnourished.  Because of the constant cell turnover caused by the generating, transforming and shedding of cells in the outer layers, a constant supply of nutrients and essential substrates is required.

To repair damaged tissue, the skin has an especially increased demand for nutrients.  An acute lack of nutrients often develops after skin is exposed to UV-rays or after injured and inflammation of the skin.

Certain factors during the skin’s natural aging process may lead to an undersupply of nutrients and as a result may lead to tissue damage.

Mode of Action:

Ante confronts the results of a lack of nutrients by supplying nutritive substrates to the outer skin.  Regular use of Ante improves the cellular metabolism of the skin and prevents tissue damage.

Directions of Use:

Apply to damp skin after cleansing with Phase I and before applying Phase 3 Daycream.

Ante should be used regularly as a treatment for an extended period of time.  An expert of Rosel Heim products should determine the quantity and duration of application after an analysis of the individual and current state of the skin.

Side Effects:

With the initial use of Ante, signs of detoxifying effects may occur.


We recommend storing Ante in a cool place.

Ante is a two-phase product and therefore needs to be shaken well before using.  We recommend it be stored in a cool place.