Our Ingredients

The base ingredients of Rosel Heim nature + science products are oils and emulsifying agents found in our own skin. For example: Olive Squalane is a natural oil that is accepted and included as the skins own. Therefore, it is useful for balancing irregularities in our skins oil levels.

Rosel Heim nature + science uses skin-compatible ingredients that are identical to the skins own components. For example: To cleanse the skin, Rosel Heim nature + science uses L+ lactic acid in physiological balanced concentrations. L+ lactic acid is a natural component of our sweat and is produced by the metabolism of the skins own bacteria. The biological function of L+ lactic acid is to bind moisture, regulate the pH-balance of the skins surface and support the loosening of dead skin cells. Thus, the skins own cleansing process is physiologically supported.

Furthermore, Rosel Heim nature + science uses substances that have been adapted by the skin through evolution. For example, camphor, silica, zinc oxide, and extracts of chamomile and aloe are substances that our skin has evolved to adapt to.  Over generations these substances have proven to be of medicinal and dermatological value.