Phase 3 Day Protection


Active Ingredients:

W/O emulsion of natural aloe succus, which closely equals the natural surface protection of the skin

Range of Application:

Phase 3 Daycream supports, compliments and restores the natural surface layer of the skin.

Mode of Action:

Phase 3 Daycream builds a long-lasting physiological protective film on the skin.  This protective film creates a physical barrier against the excessive evaporation of moisture.  However, it does not disturb the temperature regulation of the skin.  Aloe absorbs a large portion of the damaging sunrays as well as water retaining, refreshing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Directions of Use:

Phase 3 Daycream is thinly applied in the morning and or evening, after an optional regulative treatment.  Phase 3 Daycream is an excellent makeup foundation.  The ability of Phase 3 Daycream to store water can be increased by applying Hydroluron Ampoules.

Caution: people suffering from bacterial infections of the skin should not use this product.

Note:  the emulsion may turn brownish under the influence of sunlight.  This does not affect the efficiency of the cream.