Hydroluron Ampoules


Active Ingredients:  Hyaluronic Acid, Zelloxan

Range of Application:

Hydroluron Ampoules are to be used when there is an acute lack of moisture in the external layers of the skin.

Mode of Action:

When the skin lacks moisture, Hyaluronic Acid has the reverse effect of dehydrating the skin.  Zelloxan ensures that this moisture is kept in the upper layers of the skin for a long time – depending on the state of the skin, between six to ten hours.  The proven ability of Zelloxan and Hyaluronic Acid to store water causes an immediate improvement in the surface structure of the skin.

Directions of Use:

The Hydroluron Ampoules contain concentrated Hyaluronic Acid and therefore should always be applied to wet skin, either after cleansing or by wetting the fingers before applying.  In order to prevent the evaporation of moisture, the film from the Hydroluron Ampoules should be covered with a thin layer of Phase 3 Daycream. The quantity and mode of application should be recommended by an expert on Rose Heim Nature & Science cosmetics after an analysis of the individual and current state of the skin.


Persons suffering from a bacterial infection of the skin should not use this product.