Phase 2 Active Regeneration

Active Ingredients:

W/O emulsion containing Squalane, Hyaluronic Acid, Zelloxan, lipacides RH.

Range of Application:

Active Regeneration can be used in all situations involving malnourished skin.  Because of the constant cell turnover in the outer skin layers, a constant supply of nutrients is required.

To repair damaged tissue, the skin has an especially increased demand for nutrients.  An acute lack of nutrients often develops after skin is exposed to UV rays or after injuries and inflammation of the skin.

During situations of stress the body needs all available nutrients primarily to supply the brain and muscles.  This too, may result in a brief lack of nutrients in the skin.

Certain factors during the skin’s natural aging process may also lead to an undersupply of nutrients, which may lead to tissue damage.

Mode of Action:

The main active ingredient in Phase 2 Active Regeneration is Zelloxan.  Zelloxan is a compilation of low molecular biomines, which are present in healthy young skin.  While supplying Zelloxan, Phase 2 Active Regeneration cuts right through the effects of insufficient circulation, insufficient supply and disorders in cellular metabolism.  This enables the skin to regenerate itself actively.

The main fat ingredient in Phase 2 Active Regeneration is Squalane.  It causes the so-called occlusive effect, leading to a better utilization of Zelloxan.

Directions of Use:

An expert on Rosel Heim products should determine the quantity and mode of application after an analysis of the individual and current state of the skin.  On skin with acute disorders in the nutrient supply, using Ante, a product containing an even higher concentration of Zelloxan, may compliment the therapy.

In the evening thinly apply Active Regeneration to damp skin after cleansing the skin with Phase 1 Cleansing Milk.  When applying in the morning, repeat steps in the evening and then follow up by applying Phase 3 Day Protection on top.


Active Regeneration should be started slowly and gradually build up to more days.  Apply to damp skin.